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Hunting Regulations Process

Every two years, the Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) invites all hunters and other interested persons to attend public meetings and provide input on the development of changes to current hunting regulations.

Paramount to this process is the understanding that the Georgia General Assembly passes laws and the Board of Natural Resources passes regulations.  Laws take precedence over regulations, and the Board can promulgate regulations only specific to the authority the General Assembly grants it. The Wildlife Resources Division (WRD) does not have an active role in introducing or voting on proposed law changes.  Those rights are reserved for Georgia's elected General Assembly members.  WRD's role is to serve as a source of information to assist lawmakers in making informed decisions relative to related issues and to make regulatory recommendations to the Board for their consideration.

The purpose of hunting regulations are to manage Georgia's game birds and game animals according to sound principles of wildlife management and to meet public objectives for use of these renewable natural resources.

The development of hunting regulations follows this general timeline:

  • January - A series of public meetings are held across the state to obtain public input prior to the formulation of hunting regulation proposals.  Public input may also be submitted electronically, in writing, or by telephone.
  • February - Hunting regulation proposals are received from WRD's biologist and other field staff.
  • March - Proposals are completed and presented to the Board of Natural Resources for input, review and tentative approval.
  • April - Public notice (30-day) of the proposed regulation package. WRD holds three (3) public hearings on the proposed regulation package to receive public comment.  Public comment on the proposals also may be submitted electronically, in writing, or by telephone.
  • May - Formal action on proposed regulations by the Board of Natural Resources.
  • June - Development of the annual Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet.
  • July - Complete development and publication of the annual Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet.
  • August - Hunting Seasons and Regulations booklet is made available on the website, at DNR offices, and at other retail outlets.

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